Manicure / Pedicure

Complete manicure without nail polish (normal or vegan)25€40 min
Complete manicure + nail polish (normal or vegan)30€60 min
Full manicure + semi-permanent nail polish40€120 min
Remove semi-permanent nail polish + filling the shape15€20 min
Complete manicure with semi-permanent strengthening gel50€120 min
Complete pedicure without nail polish40€60 min
Full pedicure + nail polish45€120 min
Full pedicure + semi-permanent nail polish50€120 min
Apparatus pedicure (toes only) + semi-permanent40€90 min
Kid’s manicure or pedicure (7-10 y.o.) without nail polish15€30 min
SPA care for hands or feet after treatment10€15 min
French (for 1 nail)1€
Stamping (for 1 nail)2€
Nail decoration by hand5€15 min
Manicure 3D short nails60€150 min
Manicure 3D + extension medium80€
Manicure 3D + extension large100€180 min
3D design 1 nail5€
Gel nail extension (for 1 nail)5€

Eyebrows & Eyelashes

Eyelashes lamination40€60 min
Eyebrows correction for man/woman15€30 min
Partial facial waxing10€15 min
Eyebrows correction and coloring25€30 min


Women’s haircut40€60 min
Men’s haircut30€40 min
Kid’s haircut (3-7 years)20€30 min
Men’s haircut + rejuvenation of gray hair40€60 min
Colour toning60€90 min
Dyeing of roots50€60 min
One tone color bathing50€60 min
Dyeing and toning of roots80€90 min
Colour bathing with stretgching technique80€90 min
Dyeing of roots and giving a blonde tone90€90 min
AirTouch150€120 min
Highlights, Babylights, Balayage90€120 min
SPA care for hair (washing, peeling, mask)40€40 min
Hair washing with massage for men30€30 min
Washing and brushing short hair20€40 min
Washing and brushing medium length hair40€60 min
Washing and brushing long hair50€90 min
*The final price of hair dyeing, haircut and hairstyling the hairdresser names during pre-service consultation


Relaxing back massage60€45 min
Relaxing leg massage40€30 min
Full body massage65€60 min

Packs of massages

Pack of 5 massages

Pack of 10 massages