About us

Izabel studio

In 2018 our family came to Sitges and we fell in love with this city at first sight! Since then, we have been living in this incredible city of freedom and self-expression. We always really wanted to share something beautiful with people around us, and we decided to open a beauty salon, naming it after our daughter. Izabel studio is a place of freedom, love, acceptance of yourself and the world. We have done everything to ensure that in our salon you receive exceptionally high-quality, modern and safe services: combined manicure / pedicure (with cuticle removal “Russian manicure”), facial treatments with Germaine de Capuccini cosmetics, massage, eyelash and eyebrow care. All our instruments undergo the highest level of sterilization, including, among other things: ultrasonic cleaning in a disinfectant solution, followed by sterilization in a professional high-temperature dry-heat apparatus. We have one of the best professionals from five different countries and a friendly atmosphere. “Love not hate” is the slogan on the wall of our salon, and it fully reflects our attitude to this world. Love yourself and the whole world as it is, be natural, be beautiful, and Izabel studio professionals will always be happy to help you with this!